Have Mac. Will work after Y2K.

Have Mac.  Will work after Y2K.

That was the joke I was telling December 31. If you don’t immediately get it, let me explain. You see we run things here on a Macintosh, a platform long known to be impervious from the Y2K bug. I thought it would be funny to put an ad in the paper reading “Have Mac. Will work after Y2K” in case everything went haywire in the PC world. Then I could have cornered the market and really raked in the dough. Of course, in this dream scenario all Mac-ophiles would prosper, not just me, and eventually we could have created a new world order where Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) rightly reigns supreme.

But alas, it looks like we’re all safe. No nuclear missiles were launched into our backyard after all. I’ll stop here. My fiance gets embarrassed by my techno-speak (Gee, I can’t imagnine why).