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Posts from January 2001


Comments Off on Hang-on to Your Pixels

Hang-on to Your Pixels

Time sits still for eleven days straight as we contemplate the fate of our nation and a new design for our little presence here. I really hate having two entrances. Really. Beyond that, not much else is happening. Liz continues her two hour school commute. She finds Marketing a tad bit easier to follow than […]


Comments Off on Vertical Limits of Taste

Vertical Limits of Taste

The Central Pennsylvania movie theatre situation has to change. You’re either shoved into an overcrowded theatre with a tiny viewing screen or forced to pay out the butt for cold popcorn that seems to brought in from a closet in a plastic bag. Yes, this weekend’s movie-going experience sucked that bad. With every intention of […]


Comments Off on All’s Well that Ends in a Munitions Dump

All’s Well that Ends in a Munitions Dump

To be sure we weren’t absolutely crazy thinking Liz could take a two hour commute to American University in Washington D.C., we took a trip down there yesterday. 2 hours from our home in Pennsylvania exactly. When we arrived at the Performing Arts building, the place in which she will spend most of her time, […]