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Posts from March 2001


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Today was like a bizarre mixture of Christmas and the Twilight Zone for me and, as I can imagine, for a lot of other Mac users. March 24th was the day that Mac OS X, the legendary new UNIX operating system, officially showed up at my doorstep. This was also the day that the future […]


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Not Dead Just Yet

Having not made any updates for 10 straight days, one might wonder if something happened to me. Well, the truth of the matter is I ain’t dead just yet, but I was sick for a very long time. But not a minute too soon, Liz and I got a new DVD home theatre system to […]


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Someone once told me that pity is a sign of disrespect; that the emotion itself insinuates the person being pitied is of lesser value to the person making the judgment. In a way, it is to suggest a feeling of, “Oh, you poor, horrible, wretched thing, you.” In no way, though, does pity emote the […]


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Ripped, Mixed, and Burnt-Out Stooge

We all know Iggy Pop is a total burn-out. But would we, should we, could we love him any other way? So it seems perfect for him to make a cameo appearance, along with a rag-tag assembly of duly noted artists in an Apple commercial promoting, what else, Macs that can rip, mix, and burn […]