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Posts from May 2001


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Thrown Into Withdrawal

Who ‘da thought that a movie about a Coney Island junkie and his speed freakin’ mom would be so compelling to watch, and so intensely breathtaking at the same time. I’m talking about none other then Requiem for a Dream, the sophisticatedly stylish movie adaptation of the novel by Hubert Selby, Jr. This movie, while […]


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May Day

On Sunday morning my grandfather, a retired Air Force Colonel, was taking a shower in the upper level of his Virginia home when he and my grandmother were suddenly alarmed by “what sounded like an airplane crash” in the near vicinity. Immediately running down the stairs to see what caused the ruckus, my grandfather discovered […]


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High Time on DVD

I have got to say that Almost Famous, a comedy which chronicles the journalistic travels of a young Rolling Stone reporter, is a well executed and entertaining movie that’s full of laughs, even if it’s senseless 70’s nostalgia. Having only rented it because I thought it was something Liz would not want to see (she’s […]