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Posts from June 2001


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Wanted: For Shame

Aaaaah, summer is the time to let your hair down and pose in a ridiculous photo with your mother-in-law and your 10-year-old nephew. You have to do it, because it’s, well, appropriate. And nobody likes a stick in the mud. At least that’s what I’m telling myself…


Comments Off on One Year and Counting

One Year and Counting

Today marks the one year anniversary of my marriage to Elizabeth. My oh my, what’s the cliche? How time flies when you’re having fun. I can say nothing more about it, other then the fact that our decision to stay commited to each other has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. And […]


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Gone Too Soon

This week I have been appreciating some of the simpler things in life, not the least of which is life itself. Last weekend I heard the sad news that a relative of mine past away from a sudden and fatal brain aneurysm at the age of 32. Amy was a step-daughter of my mother’s second […]


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€uro Tripping

Memoirs of a Virgin Traveling Couple It feels like it’s taken me longer to write about this trip then it has to actually go on it. Planning aside, it has, in fact, proven to do just that. I hope this retains some glimmer of what it was like to be there, although I really can’t […]