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Posts from September 2001


Comments Off on In Memory…

In Memory…

Ben Shahn WHY? 1961 Gouache, 20 x 26 in Private Collection  


Comments Off on American Red Cross

American Red Cross

I found this tech related link on MacSlash today. Apparently the American Red Cross could use some help from IT companies.


Comments Off on Liz Okay in DC

Liz Okay in DC

This morning my wife Liz went off for a regular day of school at American University in Washington DC only to find that an irregular day was happening to our nation—and later to our nation’s capitol. About the time she arrived on campus Liz called me on her cell phone to report the tragic news […]


Comments Off on Oriented and Growing Up

Oriented and Growing Up

Yesterday I took some time off to be with my wife at AU. They have an Arts Management program, one of a few schools in the country to offer such a unique program, and Liz is commuting there to achieve her Masters of Fine Arts. The get together we went to was harmless enough, just […]