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Searching for Harry Plotter


Just to make sure I wasn’t missing out on all the hype that’s mystifying the rest of the world, I went to see Harry Potter this weekend with Liz . What I discovered was that I’m far more out of touch then I ever suspected. After two hours of what could only be considered “character […]


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As Bees in Honey Drown

Continuing with Liz’s extended tour of the Arts, also know as graduate school, we ended up at the University of Maryland this past Saturday for a production of As Bee in Honey Drown, a Faustus-like tale of underhanded deception in a world of contemporary art and culture. Of course, the production itself, which held my […]


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Night at the Ballet

Although I could have used the title from the previous post to describe parts of this weekends activities, I’ll refrain from making such judgments only because this weekend proved how much of an uncouth ignoramus I really am. Last Friday Liz and I were treated to our first ballet at the Kennedy Center in Washington […]


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From Hell

We recently got a chance to see the movie adaptation of Alan Moore‘s Victorian tale of Jack the Ripper, From Hell. Comic Book aficionados will certainly rembember Moore’s legendary achievement of the mid-80’s, Watchmen, a veritable staple in the Postmodern comic book genre that has reached well-deserved cult status. As for the movie, I don’t […]


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Happy Halloween

Initially looking for information dealing with my family geneology on Ari Schindler’s personally enlightening List of Schindlers, I came across this Scary Halloween Schindler Monster. I guess there’s just something in the name that makes us creative freaks—or was that something in the Kool-Aid?