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Posts from December 2001

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Comments Off on Mac OS X Unleashed

Mac OS X Unleashed

My new favorite book has 1,464 pages and I intend to read every bit of it… eventually. It’s called Mac OS X Unleashed by John Ray and Will C. Ray. Never has there been a book this robust for the Mac. Hell, never has there been an Operating System this robust for the Mac either. […]


Comments Off on Hoot-y Holidays

Hoot-y Holidays

Merry Christamas, Happy Hannukah, and whatever else I’ve forgotten [insert politically correct holiday here]. Liz and I are having a marvelous time celebrating the holidays, but of course, so are you. So I wouldn’t expect you to be wasting your time here at this web page. Me? I’m going to go watch some It’s a […]


Comments Off on Being Kazimir Malevich

Being Kazimir Malevich

No, this isn’t a pitch for an off-the-wall movie about the inside of the Russian avant-garde painter, Kazimir Malevich‘s mind. If so, there’d be rightful panic in the streets. The guy was a case study in wishful revolutionary thinking and a true artistic innovator of conceptualism, only to be ker-plunked by rigid Soviet power in […]


Comments Off on It’s Miller Time Again

It’s Miller Time Again

Replacing some of my comic book geek status with a more generalized computer nerdhood as of late, it came as a surprise when a mutually interested friend of mine told me that Frank Miller, the man who caused a surge of interest in the comic book genre back in the 1980’s, is once again deconstructing […]


Comments Off on Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Much to my shock and amazement this week, the regularly viewing schedule of trash hype television, Entertainment Tonight and Extra, was unceremoniously interrupted by an hour long “town hall” discussion of PA security presided by the reluctant governor of my fine state, Mark Shweiker. I say reluctant because ever since Tom Ridge became the head […]

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