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I’ve finally identified an annoying display bug occurring on this site in Mac IE 5. What I thought was an unsolvable, undocumented, box model oddity has turned out to be nothing but an oversight in my style sheet markup. Happy day! Happy day! Now it’s back to getting JSP to run on my Mac. Why? […]


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The Dark Knight Strikes Again

I sped through the pages with vigor, finally getting a chance to read Frank Miller‘s follow-up to the The Dark Knight Returns, a veritable comic book breakthrough of mega proportions, but that’s putting it too mildly. The irony of the storyline in the new offering, as it casts a shadow into our present political climate, […]


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Bowling for ‘Less than Ten’ Dollars

Mad shouts out! We’re pleased as punch to know that some old Charleston friends are in the heeeeouse. In other, way more mundane news, while Liz was attending school this week I got a chance to tutor myself on some very basic PHP and MySQL, a feat that was impossible to do on a Mac […]


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The iMac Gestalt Cometh

After three days, I finally got it. I may be thick-headed when it comes to design, but I finally understand the iMac gestalt — the new one, that is. The little white machine isn’t really a sunflower so much as it is the computer equivalent of Luxo, Jr., the famous anthropomorphic jumping desklight in the […]


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Fall Pics Take Two

New Fall pics are displaying in our Apple sister site. The word “new” is relative to the old style camera that we are using. That is just another way of saying that we still use the non-digital kind. Remember those? We’re so pre-historic. That’s not a preference, by the way. Just an unfortunate circumstance of […]

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