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Posts from March 2002


Comments Off on Marvel Movie Mayhem

Marvel Movie Mayhem

Get ready, true believers! This summer may see the realization of everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-man to the silver screen, but the real fun may be yet to come. More Marvel movie mayhem is on the way according to geeked out Internet sources.


Comments Off on X-Rated Flashing

X-Rated Flashing

Why is it that every software upgrade these days incorporates the use of an “X” in the version naming (ie Mac OS X, Windows XP)? Macromedia seems to be following the trend with Flash MX, the hotly anticipated update to the its vector-based interactive animation platform. Now shipping, this “must have” update sports such feature […]


Comments Off on Saint Patty Snow

Saint Patty Snow

This Saint Patrick’s Day saw more than just green beer. The Eastern snowstorm took at least me by surprise, as I ordinarily take no precautions for weather by watching local news. Still, it was a good opportunity for Liz and I to test out our new digital camera. The entry level little Fuji is serving […]


Comments Off on PHP’d


If you’re reading this, then you’ve hit my new server. The short of it is this: I’ve decided to migrate my site to a server that uses PHP. Fancy that, after all of my hype about it. P.S. You may need to re-select your color, if it’s not the one you previously selected. With the […]


Comments Off on Translation to English Please

Translation to English Please

My Finnish to English is pretty weak these days. Anybody know what the heck this says? I’ll assume it’s something nice, but since I can definitely make out the mentioning of Netscape 4.7, nice might not be such a safe bet. In other much more belated news, last weekend I was able to commute to […]