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Dream a Little Dream

Macromedia Dreamweaver lives up to its name once again with a brand new preview release of Dreamweaver MX, available today. Having just downloaded the evaluation myself, already I see two unadvertised features which make this clearly a no-brainer upgrade for most web developers. First, this seems to be an upgrade to Dreamweaver Ultradev, the application-making, […]


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Devil’s Advocate

It’s true. When I’m not practicing my usual devil worship, I like to read comic books—or rather I should say I’ve been picking up that favorite past time as of late. Some of this has been due to an idea I’ve been tossing around with a friend, but have had little time to do anything […]


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Bare Naked PHP

We’re new, improved, and exposing ourselves in public for the very first time. After receiving word that the Flava Packetº wasn’t working properly in some versions of IE, I put an immediate search out for the culprit. It seems that the cookie wasn’t being picked up, not because users had their cookies turned off (like […]


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What Weblog are You?

What weblog are you? I’m Jason Kottke. Wouldn’t it be weird if he was Mike Schindler?


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Days of Grunge Gone By

I guess maybe because it’s Spring and I’m feeling free, or the fact that I have nothing else of note to say, but here’s an uncalled for little snippet from my sordid past. It’s a driver’s license circa 1992. Oh, the nostalgia. The unkempt shoulder length hair. The homemade T-shirt that read an angst-ridden and/or […]

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