Dream a Little Dream

Macromedia Dreamweaver lives up to its name once again with a brand new preview release of Dreamweaver MX, available today.

Having just downloaded the evaluation myself, already I see two unadvertised features which make this clearly a no-brainer upgrade for most web developers. First, this seems to be an upgrade to Dreamweaver Ultradev, the application-making, data-binding, powerhouse app, which used to be sold separately from regular Dreamweaver at a higher price to boot. Now the technical ante is upped considerably, with this version supporting ASP.NET, ColdFusion, and web services. However, what surprised me the most is its native handling of PHP files. That’s right, kiddies, it looks like this version really is a dream come true. It even purports to write standard CSS, XHMTL, and XML, all within the Aqua GUI goodness of Mac OS X!

It’s not shipping yet, though. You have to get on their list and tell them how bad you want it!