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Mega Flashback

The new Star Trek movie trailer is out on Apple’s website. Watching the parts with the speeding dune buggies and Humvees, I couldn’t help but remember this god awful, yet somehow still charming mess starring a buff, hair blown, and headband wearing Barry Bostwick (yes, the guy in the Pepsi commercials) twenty years ago. Confirming […]


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Lost in Space

We’ve been suffering a cable blackout for the past three days, which is to say we have no connection to the Internet at home. We’re hoping today that Comcast technicians can repair the damage, which was apparently caused by simply moving our VCR from the downstairs living room to the upstairs bedroom. Who knew!? We […]


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Candy Coated Apple

I went to my very first Mac user group meeting ever last night. Despite the apparent group decision to mis-pronounce Mac OS X (that’s 10) as Mac OS ex, there seemed to be technical information aplenty in a room filled with ripe, wise, and curiously questioning Mac users. So much so that the burning CD […]


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Love… Exciting and New

Good lord almighty, it’s our anniversary. No, Gilligan, not the one week anniversary since our last post. However, it is quite observant of you to notice, little buddy. It’s the second anniversary of my marriage to Liz. Yes, we’ve been happily committed and sharing many fond adventures for well over two years (but we’re not […]


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Switched at Birth

Indulge me just once with this blatant propoganda and I shall never speak of it again. Maybe. True, I am that low and dirty word — “enthusiast.” But I don’t give a shit. I hereby declare myself a member of the emerging class. You connect the dots.

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