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Two for Tuesday

What’s the plural of advice? Anyway, here’s two of ’em comin’ right at ya. Geek boy style. The first one has to do with this god awful heat. And that is, quite simply, drink lots and lots of water. I know, it’s more trips to the bathroom but that’s the price one pays for not […]

Hornet’s Nest

There resides above my door, in a crack between the molding of my house and the actual brick, a host of hornets who have decided to build their nest. Though I haven’t been bitten or otherwise bothered by the pests, I decided on a whim that today was their day to perish. It started, really, […]


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Miners Alive

As a Pennsylvania resident, I am happy to relay the news tonight that all nine of the miners trapped in the Somerset coal mine are reported alive. If all continues to go well, they will be lifted out and decontaminated from potential environmental toxins and sent home to safety.


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Call Julian Cope what you want. Ex-junkie. Brief alternative 80’s scene wash up. Psychedellic rock trip-out space poet. Social activist. Artistic snob. Prehistoric scholar of pagan Europe. And how could I forget his simple self-proclamation of a “forward thinking mutherfucker.” Truth is, a lot of people in the states probably haven’t heard of this eccentric […]


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iTunes, Therefore I Groove

When George Dubya recently announced that the economy was “fundamentally strong,” he must have been making his judgment based on the proliferation of free software arriving to the Mac platform these days. The number one free application from Apple, though, has still got to be iTunes. And the most recent update to it definitely proves […]

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