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Hornet’s Nest

There resides above my door, in a crack between the molding of my house and the actual brick, a host of hornets who have decided to build their nest. Though I haven’t been bitten or otherwise bothered by the pests, I decided on a whim that today was their day to perish. It started, really, as a distraction from some of my chores. After witnessing me spray them with a garden hose, Liz informed me I was only likely to piss them off and that I should try the hornet spray she had purchased. So, using a bit more logical sense, I broke out the chemical warfare. This proved to be a non-deadly deed, which only pissed them off measurably more—to the point that they just swarmed around my front entrance planning their next offensive. I know tomorrow’s exit out the door will not be good. And to top it all off, Liz took the side of the hornets in the end. So I have to wonder if it was any use at all, trying to do something about the non-situation in the first place.


29 July 2002 @ 3am

If I don’t show up, call Governer Schweiker!


29 July 2002 @ 12pm

I didn’t take anyones side, I just thought that maybe they weren’t hurting anyone by being up there. Plus you totally enoyed the whole hose thing way too much.

29 July 2002 @ 2am

If you never show up for work tomorrow, should we assume you are trapped inside? 🙂 We might have to gather up the guys and send an extraction team out to get you.

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