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Come all ye Faithful

Through the amazing programming power of pMachine this site has been reborn yet again. That’s right boys and girls, now it is possible for you “the viewer” to make comments on my silly little life observations, anecdotal humor, and ill-accepted ranting. Simply register with the site and you’re automatically entered into a round table. Just […]

Come on, Pilgrim

Let it not be said that the Schindlers are pacifists. Hell no, not with a picture of a twelve gauge double barrel Browning night vision elephant scope… uuuuhhhhh… All right, I’m a total gun poser. But just because I’ll never own a firearm doesn’t mean I’m against the Second Amendment either. At a friend’s house […]


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Critical Mass

This outlandish piece of comic art is full of comedy, satire, vulgarity, tragedy, and critical thought, all wrapped in a giant Office Space style burrito. Although I tried very hard, I just could not stop reading without voicing a sinister giggle. Then this dissent of thought just plain made me angry. And not at the […]


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Batman vs. Superman

There is no doubt that we are still living in a Postmodern world. I present the strongest case for it since Mad Max.


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Never underestimate the power of documentation. Without the thoughtful testing, documentation, and creation of easy installer packages, I might just think that MySQL was another Hollywood slang term. Instead, I know it to be an all too powerful open source database that’s not impervious to the careless deletion of files an amateur “dba” such as […]

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