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Flat-tery Screen

I caught my first glimpse of a new Gateway all-in-one Profile 4 commercial tonight during prime time. It pits their consumer oriented flat screen model square against the iMac. Though I had some terse words to say when the original iMac seemed needlessly redesigned (really, I was just broken hearted), I can safely say after […]


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Macs on the Cheap: Unauthorized

True, Macs are a wee bit more expensive than their PC counterparts. But that doesn’t mean you have to shell out maximum cash to gain that famed lower cost of ownership. Here are some tips for the penny saving switcher. Use the educational discount – The Mac Store makes it incredibly easy to impulse buy, […]


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Are Lawyers Running this Show?

Today lawyers advised the president about the United States taking military action in Iraq. The constitution, congress, and the will of the people were not invited to take part in the discussion.


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Max’s Foam-O-Matic Pill Intake

Our cat, Max, is taking these pills which must taste really really bad. Usually a coat of butter is enough to send the pill sliding down his throat undetected, but somehow he’s wised up and figured out how to block any foreign objects from entering his mouth. Case in point, tonight we tried our usual […]


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Elvis Meets Nixon

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a link to this site which documents the completely f*#@d up meeting of Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon (Yeah, I know I’m late to the Elvis media bandwagon). In his letter, Elvis asks the then commander-in-chief to be made a “Federal Agent at Large” for the good of […]

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