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Back to Being Totally Square

I must have been the only one in the world to have noticed that Photoshop lost a very important function in version 7.0—the ability to draw perfectly round circles using the marquee (by holding down shift click) or perfectly straight lines using the pencil tool (again, by holding down shift click). For a while, I […]

Pushing 30

The secret’s out. Today’s my birthday. At 29, I am officially pushing 30 and looking forward to another decade of repeatedly telling myself, “Maybe it’s time that you grow up now.” As a life projection, that seems pretty unlikely, but at least I have one more year of conscience-free denial.


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There probably isn’t a single person on the web I respect more than Jeffrey Zeldman. He is hands-down the prototypical self-made web guru, or what all of us joining this game should aspire to be. Over the years, I have taken pleasure in watching him grow both as an advocate for web standards and a […]


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Ahoy ye Maties!

“Arrrrrrrr!!!!! Ya scurvy varmint!” Toby knew from the eyepatch Mike was wearing that he was taking National Talk Like a Pirate Day a little too seriously.


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The Count of Monte Cristo

Jim Caviezel is perfectly cast as the protagonistic hero in the retelling of Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. I like this guy a lot. While not as cerebral a performance as 1998’s The Thin Red Line, he plays the slightly ignorant misfortune-meeting pawn very well in the beginning. Furthermore, he matures with grace […]

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