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Posts from October 2002

The War Alternative(s)

100,000 people marched for peace in Washington D.C. today in non-violent protest against the Bush Administration’s foreign policy, which is summed up in a doctrine of American pre-emptive strike against any nation of a perceived threat. This use of force could most likely be used against Iraq, which Congress subsequently supported. Problem is, most U.S. […]


Comments Off on The Punk Prophecies of John Cale

The Punk Prophecies of John Cale

Having recently acquired some bootleg John Cale live recordings from the early 1980’s, I am in utter shock at the downright poignancy that’s hidden within the music I’m hearing, especially in light of current events… or maybe it’s just me reading into things again. Twenty years ago critics passed off these rough-cut performance pieces as […]

Office with a Window View

After nearly five years surviving as a web designer, I have finally achieved an office with a window view. True, their was ugly carnage to show for this career high (none of which was my doing) and upper management has already informed us that our stay in this much-too-large-for-our-stripped-down-needs building is more than likely temporary. […]


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I’ve successfully gotten my Sony Ericsson T68i cell phone to synchronize my contact and calendar information using iSync over a wireless bluetooth connection. I’m happy to report that it’s as easy as advertised. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the WAP services. But after an hour on the phone with three different technicians, I […]

culture, schin-zingers

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Sentimental Block

Some time was spent this weekend with friends at their parents’ cabin located in Bucks County, PA, the same place they filmed Signs (a fact worth mentioning only because it’s linkable on the Internet). The get together produced a few laughs, however, an unnerving feeling was felt by all when no one could remember the […]

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