Sentimental Block

Some time was spent this weekend with friends at their parents’ cabin located in Bucks County, PA, the same place they filmed Signs (a fact worth mentioning only because it’s linkable on the Internet). The get together produced a few laughs, however, an unnerving feeling was felt by all when no one could remember the character name of Jared Leto on My So-Called Life. For years, I only knew him as “so and so” and here we all were watching a movie starring him and only knowing his real name. Sure, that’s a real a sign of success for Jared as an actor, but damn him for causing me a memory black out and robbing me the sentimental value of misnaming him at every chance. That show was important, damn it, and I’m not ready to let go!!

“It’s something with a J….

Jason… No, that’s not it.

Jeremy… No, that’s not quite cool enough. He was supposed to be cool, remember? He was the cool one.

It was like… Johnny Ferrari… or something.

Jared… No, damnit, that’s his real name. Okay, let’s stop.”

Suddenly, a female voice from the pool… “Jordan Catalano”

Yes, that’s it! Jordan Catalano!!

Now I can put Jared Leto back in his rightful place in the useless, yet strangely sentimental, trunk of information in my head.