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Posts from November 2002


Comments Off on Gobble Gobble

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Today we binged on turkey like Hunter S. Thompson held captive in an elderly home. Tired. Very tired.


Comments Off on Liz Gets Her Props

Liz Gets Her Props

Congratulations are in order to my wife, Liz. She has just been offered the position of Marketing Director at a brand new and prestigious library in our area, beating out 26 other candidates in the process. Way to go bubby!! I knew you could do it!


Comments Off on Director MX

Director MX

Macromedia for president in 2004! Announcing Director MX for Mac OS X. Boasting support for both QuickTime and Real media formats, this multi-media authoring environment looks like a real powerhouse. New features also include support for accessibility and Interactive Real-Time 3D. Look here for a collection of awesome Aqua screenshots. Also threaded at MacSlash


Comments Off on Punched Into Love

Punched Into Love

Punch Drunk Love is the most surprising piece of cinema I’ve seen in quite a while. Adam Sandler is undeniably spectacular, digging into his usual bag of performance nerves, where awkwardness, anger, stupidity, and genuine endearment reveal a human connection much too extreme to be considered anything but humorous. But this is not an “Adam […]


Comments Off on To VB or .Net to Be

To VB or .Net to Be

Uuugggh, no more technology. Non-geeks, as well as the more qualified real geeks in the house, can skip over this pointless regurgitation. Tonight I finished up some work-related training on VB.Net. Yes, you read that right. I never pass up free training. However, for a number of reasons, it’s been hard for me to form […]

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