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Posts from November 2002


Comments Off on Contribute


I was able to mess around with a technology preview of Macromedia Contribute today with a coworker and, man, am I suitably impressed. Basically, it gives non-technical clients and staff members the ability to edit content without any prior knowledge of HTML. This is a promise that a lot of WYSIWYG editors have made in […]


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I dig Britain’s Beth Orton. Her new website is quite fitting, especially the nicely jacked up QuickTime player, which smoothly delivers several of her videos, including her latest single, Anywhere.


Comments Off on Horns Stick Out on the White Geek

Horns Stick Out on the White Geek

The Daredevil movie website has been updated with gratuitous use of Flash, the ingredient I can’t get enough of in movie sites. Also somewhat related, I spent part of last weekend with a friend in Washington D.C., where we stopped by a comic book store in Georgetown. Once inside, a heated discussion concerning Frank Miller, […]


Comments Off on Feeling Validated

Feeling Validated

We’re back to having valid XHTML once again after taking a crash course in the The Satay Method, which allows the inclusion of our little Flash animation to get called by valid markup instead of unsightly <embed> tags. Hopefully, IE Windows will soon get its object implementation right, making the need for the clip load […]


Comments Off on Calling Mr. Hitchcock

Calling Mr. Hitchcock

British rock surrealist Robyn Hitchcock may be one of the oddest fellows to ever write music. His band, The Soft Boys, have a new single called Mr. Kennedy which mentions my home city of Harrisburg. My first thought upon hearing the song on XPN the other day is that it had to be based on […]

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