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Illuminating Patent

Back from the Holidays in Florida. Pictures likely to come. Anywhat, I was thinking about a replacement for my Flava Packet color widget because I’m getting kind of bored with it. And then I found a little tidbit about how Apple is applying for a hardware color-changing patent. Now, imagine how cool it would be […]


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White Christmas

We’re ready to fly down to Florida for a visit to Liz’s parents tomorrow morning (a.k.a. Christmas). But the way the weather is looking in Central Pennsylvania right now, there might be a delay waiting for us along the way. Happy Holidays to everyone. And for those who are actually able to enjoy a white […]


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A Visit from Santa

A mysterious visitor showed up at my cubicle during lunch today. Dressed in velvet red and a big white beard, he thanked me with a gift of chocolate, then seemingly vanished. I’m pretty sure that this was a client of mine, and one in particular, which makes me think that it’s not such a thankless […]


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He Saw the Velvet Underground & Stuck His Thumb Out

The potential of art is vast and limitless, yet at the same time invisible. Cary Tennis attempts to articulate “how genius can reach across space” or, more specifically, how an experimental rock band from New York rearranged his psyche in 1968 “like a piece of beef with a blue stamp on it.” Listen to him […]


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Just as I was getting out of the shower tonight the lights went out along with all of the electricity in my neighborhood. The power was only down for a total of 50 minutes—due credit to the electrical company, I think. Anyway, it’s good every now and then to be unplugged in such a fashion, […]

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