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Posts from January 2003


Comments Off on State of the Onion

State of the Onion

Those of you who thought you saw the President’s State of the Union address in its entirety the other night should probably take a closer look at the transcript.


Comments Off on In Preview

In Preview

On the work front, I’m still getting hammered at my new assignment, trying to learn a fairly complex web system on my own, while looking semi-intelligent to my client. It hasn’t been easy. And the content on this site has paid the price. But since my Eagles missed their chance tonight, I’ve had some time […]


Comments Off on So Close, Yet…

So Close, Yet…

Crap. Let this be the second year in a row where I say, “I will not be an Eagles fan next year.”


Comments Off on Fly Like an Eagle

Fly Like an Eagle

This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles are on their way to the NFC East Championship game with a home field advantage. I’ll admit that on most Sundays during the season, I can be found at home on my couch, proudly wearing a green jersey. It’s probably better (or warmer, at least) than actually being at the […]


Comments Off on See JRun

See JRun

Yup, Macromedia has released an official version of JRun, the company’s renowned Java application server, for Mac OS X. A trial download version of the software is also available. Since I could think of a clever title, I felt it my duty to post.

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