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Politicians on both sides of the argument over Iraq have been busy rummaging through the history books. The pro-war camp constantly warn against repeating the mistakes of appeasement. The antis claim we are heading for another Suez. But which is the more plausible parallel? Matt Seaton asked a dozen leading historians. — The Guardian


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Snow Haze

We had one hell of a time digging our way out of this holiday’s blizzard which left nearly two feet of snow in our front parking lot, effectively burying our cars and rendering transportation useless in the process. But being the bright and cheery central Pennyslvania troopers that we are, we took to the snow […]


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Daredevil: Cutting room floor should-have-beens

In my way too biased opinion, Daredevil does pass the mustard. I’ll explain more about that later as I feel deeply compelled to do so. But for the time being, I wish someone on the net would re-edit and make available a bootleg version of the film, beginning with these suggestions: Take out any part […]


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Millions March

Millions of ordinary people all over the world demonstrated their disapproval of the Bush Administration’s intent for war against Iraq today, despite domestic terror alerts issued by the governement and weather reports of a winter snow storm that never showed.


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Is that Cocoa I Smell or are you Brewing Up Shareware?

There are some really cool small-but-kick-ass shareware apps taking full advantage of Mac OS X’s excellent Aqua GUI and integrated Cocoa environment brewing up these days. Here’s a few that I’ve downloaded and played with in just the last hour: NetNewsWire – Now a full-on 1.0 application costing just $30, this useful app is much […]

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