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Faces and Names

CNN is publishing a list of coalition casualties, complete with names, ages, and pictures of the soldiers. And, of course, it would be remiss not to mention the Iraqi body count as well (spotted on Zeldman). I’m continually amazed at how the Internet is fitting into the equation of war, war reporting, and public opinion. […]


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Snow Slouch

I thought Liz was kidding when she said it was snowing this morning. Then I did some remedial math in my head to conclude that today was not April Fool’s Day. Oh, how I wish it was. Yesterday I put together a gas grill for our patio, which made some mighty tasty burgers. Today it […]


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Moore on the Oscars

Bowling for Columbine director and Oscar winner, Michael Moore, looks back at the widely criticized acceptance speech he half-belted during the televised ceremony last week. “I think anybody voting for me for this award knew that they weren’t going to get a speech thanking agents, lawyers, lawyers of agents and agents of lawyers,” he noted […]


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Liberation by Ben Shahn, 1945 Tempera on cardboard mounted on composition board Gouache, 29¾ x 40 inches The Museum of Modern Art, New York James Thrall Soby Bequest


Yeah, what this guy said… for the most part. Actually, after reading his bio, it turns out that Jason is exactly one day younger than me. Wonders never cease.

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