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Posts from March 2003


Righteous babe, Ani DiFranco was in Harrisburg tonight for a somewhat somber, yet inspirational, evening of song. Liz and I enjoyed the show, as the surprisingly petite folk singer spun solo through a litany of heartfelt numbers, including a spoken rendition of her poem, Self Evident. When asked to comment about the war on Iraq […]


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48 Hours

This is quite possibly the eve of war and I don’t want to pontificate on President Bush. I don’t want to vent my frustration by writing him a letter either. I just hope against hope that innocent lives don’t get caught in the middle of a pissing match that’s gone way too far. If peace […]


Comments Off on The Worst Part About Freedom Fries

The Worst Part About Freedom Fries

OK, I have a question—is the War on Terrorism over? Because I sure as hell want to know that ALL THE TERRORISTS IN THE WORLD HAVE BEEN CAPTURED before legislators acually take the time to rename their GODDAMN CAFETERIA FOOD! — Get Your War On More Food for Thought In a World Gone Mad… (4.4mb) […]


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Citizen Java

Apple today has officially updated their Mac OS X Java implemenation to the most current release from Sun, implementing a slick GUI and making it cooler still for developers by adding hooks into Applescript. Java 2 is truly a first class citizen within Mac OS.


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Eating Dogfood

Okay, today I noticed that Macromedia has redesigned their site and are putting into production what they call a “beta” version. That’s all well and good, I guess. Actually, I’m more than a little inclined to wonder about their intention and wonder if redesigning their site was a good idea at all. According to their […]

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