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Posts from April 2003

Tuning In, Turning Up, and Taking Change

Already it feels like the new thing making the way things were seem like such an ancient memory (if not ethically questionable). In minutes I had downloaded and purchased my first album, England, Half English by Billy Bragg. In fact, I’m listening to it now in pristine AAC digital audio. Of course I’m talking about […]


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Mi Casa, Soon Casa

It’s looking very likely now that Liz and I will be purchasing a house here in PA. Contract negotions are going well. This is both good and exciting, yet mind-numbing and tense to a couple of first time buyers such as ourselves. All that time we’ve spent watching This Old House and Trading Spaces should […]


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On Nonconformity

Second Allegory by Ben Shahn, 1953 Tempera, 53 x 31 inches Krannert Art Museum and Kinkhead Pavilion University of Illinois, Champaign “Nonconformity is the basic pre-condition of art, as it is the pre-condition of good thinking and therefore of growth and greatness in a people. The degree of nonconformity present—and tolerated—in a society might be […]


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Sniffle, Cough, Wheeze

I’m under the weather as of late. Down right disoriented even. I hate to make a post of it, but you’ll have to catch me again later.


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Loving the Alien

Oh, I don’t know. Just because I like the sound of it, I guess… Watching them come and go The templars and the saracens They’re traveling the holy land Opening telegrams Torture comes and torture goes Knights who’d give you anything They bear the cross of coeuf de leon Salvation for the mirror blind But […]

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