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Tuning In, Turning Up, and Taking Change

Already it feels like the new thing making the way things were seem like such an ancient memory (if not ethically questionable). In minutes I had downloaded and purchased my first album, England, Half English by Billy Bragg. In fact, I’m listening to it now in pristine AAC digital audio. Of course I’m talking about Apple’s new Music Store—a well executed endeavor if ever I saw one on this side of the platform. It debuted today, along with iTunes 4, the killer app that forced the removal of the “Switch” tab on Apple’s website to “Music.”

Yeah, why come right out and say it when the reasons speak for themselves.



29 April 2003 @ 2am

Agreed on all counts. They need to get independents to play along too.

I especially like the fact that it cures the temporary amnesia I get when walking into a record store (and life in general). Now, I can browse at my own leisure and trigger dangerous buying impulses at the sound of a preview. I really think a lot of Mac users will get hooked on this somethin’ awful, and it will be great for Apple’s bottom line, encouraging upgrades, purchasing of iPods, etc, etc.

Yeah, I’m waiting for that iPod price to go down too. One day. 😉

29 April 2003 @ 1am

Yeah… I like it…. here’s my take:

A lot of the hype seems misplaced- so many people care about the ability to buy just those few hit songs (at least the slashdot crowd). The music I buy, I tend to really want the whole album, so I am very glad you can buy a while album at once.

I can definitely see myself continuing to use this, and hopefully acquiring an iPod someday.