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Moving to Pastures

Chaotic packing and moving preparation should be taking place within the next few weeks. I may be making fewer posts during that time… that is, if I know what’s good for me.

Pagespinner 4.5 Preview

It’s encouraging to see certain things in technology not outgrowing their use. Case in point, Pagespinner. I’ve mentioned this little HTML text editor here many times and have used it over and over in countless projects since my humble beginnings as a web author. In the short amount of time I’ve had to use it, […]


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Libraries In Time Of Need

Big props out to Michael Moore who’s helping out American public libraries with the thing they need most—cash money. Of course, we’re a little on the eager side to see this happen, as PA Governer Rendell has just put into action a whopping spending cut of nearly 50% for state funded libraries. No non-profit organization […]


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Thoughts on Memorial Day

We took a day trip to D.C. today to take care of some unfinished school business. The entire time, nothing really made me think of Memorial Day like the sight of a few dozen bikers, obviously veterans of the Vietnam war, making their way through the beltway in the pouring rain. The importance of this […]


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Freddy vs. Jason

The ending of this trailer says, “Place your bets.” I’m betting on stupid.

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