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Site Updates

A couple of site changes happening here today.

  1. A new piece has been added to the view section entitled As American as Apple Computer. It’s basically a reactionary (but very positive) piece concerning Apple as an overlooked national value. Yes, I’m well aware of how biased it is towards Apple as a company, and while I’ve certainly been one to point out some of the their lesser qualities, it’s much better than some of the pointless jingo-fests going around these days.
  2. In an effort to get Safari working properly on this site, I’ve also re-written some of the code. Basically, the background color widget now posts to itself instead of going to a seperate page. This change is reflected in the free Flava-Packet cookie code as well.


13 May 2003 @ 11am

The latest issue of Rolling Stone (with the flag on the cover), includes both the iPod and the Apple logo in it’s ‘American Icons’ collection of articles, along with the flag, the backstage pass, the pill, the statocaster, the lighter, the blond bombshell, Jack Daniels, and more.

The iPod writeup (by Moby) is online at

13 May 2003 @ 3pm

Nice observation. Thanks. 🙂

I’m hopelessly fending off my insane jealousy over your new iPod acquirement too.

One day…

13 May 2003 @ 4pm

thanks for deleting the double post…

The jealousy of others makes me feel better about the purchase 🙂

But I do find myself taking lots of gratuitous walks around the neighborhood lately…