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Rhymes With Queue Mob

Well, if the prospect of moving into a new house wasn’t stressful enough, I’ve decided to move on in my career as well. I usually try my best not to metion work here, but suffice to say, I have been offered and accepted a new job at another company. It should be well suited to […]


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Stimulating Simulation

I’m still reeling from the exciting news coming from Apple at the World Wide Developer Conference today, which definitely surpasses my modest personal predictions. But I’ve still got time to embarass myself with pictures from our weekend’s mini-vacation in Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, where I had the opportunity to meet, and introduce to some […]


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Orlando Magic

We’re heading off to Orlando for a small vacation and a visit with Liz’s parents along with our twelve-year-old nephew, Nick. We’ll be hitting Universal Studios where we aniticipate rain and a smattering of indoor activities to keep us occupied. If all goes well, we should be back on Monday. Just it time for the […]


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Both Sides Now

Brazilian President Lula da Silva and President Bush will be meeting in DC today to discuss free trade, a conversation I’d set my Tivo to if I knew what channel it was on, or had a Tivo. These guys couldn’t be more opposite each other if they were, well, Bush and Chirac. But enough about […]


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Strange Bedfellows

Check out this unlikely pair. No, you’re eyes do not deceive you—that is indeed pop star Christina Aguilera plugging away Java mobile technology on the official Java web site. ChristinaMobile…keeps you on top of all things Aguilera with daily text message updates right to your mobile phone…. From fashion and makeup tips to the skinny […]

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