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Posts from June 2003


Comments Off on A Thorn Between Two Roses

A Thorn Between Two Roses

Hmmm, I noticed something mildly funny while browsing the iTunes Music Store today. It lives in between Basia and the Bay City Rollers. Anyone familiar with the artful goth punk sensibilities of Bauhaus will immediately appreciate the humor. (Links only work with iTunes. )


Comments Off on pMpost… Not!

pMpost… Not!

I’m overcoming bummage, having found out that Elwin Zuiderveld’s new pMpost application won’t work with my free (2.1) version of pMachine. That is, at least, for now. Elwin—the gentleman that he is—is looking into the matter. If I had the time, I would upgrade to the proper paid version and have a few other bells […]


Comments Off on Mike and the Missing Ike

Mike and the Missing Ike

For no other reason than my out-of-control vanity, is also now availble, although I encourage everyone to continue using instead. It has your original Flava cookie.


Comments Off on Confucius, the Mac Consultant

Confucius, the Mac Consultant

Confucius say: When trying to impress upon the Internet Director of a company for which you are a consultant the benefits of Mac OS X Jaguar, it is always not a good idea to put a foot in your mouth. If you are joining a network comprised of an ancient Solaris machine serving over AFP, […]


Comments Off on From Bohemia to Bureaucracy

From Bohemia to Bureaucracy

This New York Times article spotlights an interesting fella, Dana Gioia, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. Can he convince the Bush Adminstration that the arts matter? Can the NEA make any kind of difference at all in the wake of a burgeoning corporate media monopoly? From the article: He does reserve one […]

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