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A Blog Into the Future

Join me, won’t you, as we blog twenty or so years into the future. By now, your children will have gleaned through your tenured, compulsive, writing and linking “achievement” and gotten to know you as the self-indulgent, if not self-delusional, practitioner of quasi-liberal and/or quasi-neo-conservative ranting that you find so annoying in others. And although […]


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Dandy in the Underworld

As far as this geeks knows, Portland, Oregon has never really been considered a hotbed for cool. But if anyone stands a chance at turning that unfortunate truism around, it’s the Dandy Warhols. This rock band from the Pacific Northwest is a satisfying blend of rock, pop, harmony, and hypnotic haziness. In form (and as […]


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It’s in the Contextual Menu, Stupid

Chalk this one up to my own ignorance. Having recently upgraded to pMachine Pro 2.3, I thought it would be nice to give pMpost another try, seeing that my last attempt was a bust. Using the program for only 5 minutes, I took it upon myself to email Elwin Zuiderveld, the creator, with some suggestions […]


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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Anyone who doubts if The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen can live up to the comic book should stop their worrying right now. I saw this movie today and thought it was highly entertaining, probably even better than the comic. The casting, effects, and action sequences all worked… well, extraordinarily.


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You’re Darn Tootin’ and Other Juvenile Antics

In High School I used to write these one act plays with my friends. They were really lowbrow comedies with inside jokes about the teachers, the school culture, and the awfulness of the cafeteria food. One particular jab was taken at the expense of our infamously no-name brand vending machines. I think the bit involved […]

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