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Victory 2004: Win or Lose

The Nation‘s peace and disarmament correspondent, Jonathan Schell, offers an interesting perspective on the prospect of voting for truth and peace in the upcoming presidential election (upcoming, as in 15 months away; upcoming, as in it couldn’t happen sooner). Democrats, as well as ordinary change-seeking voters, might consider moot the thought of weighing a potentially […]


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Assorted & Sundry…

If it seems like there’s nothing but tumbleweed breezing by in the dust of this old weblog, it’s more than likely only because Liz and I have both been sucked into the void of home improvement. We’re high on the heels of getting some things done lately, and quite honestly, it’s tuckerin’ us both out. […]

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Pablo Picasso vs. David Bowie

The new David Bowie album, Reality, is now available for preorder. His promotional website is also sporting a new Flash jukebox with selected excerpts from the album. Glitter kids, if you’re still out there, take note. Personally, my favorite Bowie songs these days are his remakes. The last album, Heathen, had two amazing gems on […]


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American Splendor

Before you go getting all bent out of shape over yet another comic book movie adaptation hitting the summer theaters this year, consider that American Splendor is something of a different beast, as it always has been in comics. This story is not a heroic adventure. Instead, it chronicles the banal existence of an ordinary […]


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Gregory Hines, RIP

Gregory Hines, a true American entertainer who made us all laugh and whom (during my lifetime, anyway) seemed to single-handedly bring back the value of dance with his unique style of showmanship, has died of cancer at the age of 57. May his message of life and of hope live on in his work and […]

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