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Posts from October 2003


Comments Off on Catholic School Grrls

Catholic School Grrls

Having grown up Catholic myself, I really got a kick out of this story (no pun intended). Apparently, after a man repeatedly exposed himself inappropriately to some Catholic school girls, they chased him down and proceeded to “pummel” him Philly style. Now, you have to wonder if that was secretly what he was going for, […]


Comments Off on Panther Roars

Panther Roars

Like a good little Macster, I recently upgraded to Mac OS 10.3 (aka Panther). It went off without a hitch despite the fact that depending who you ask I might have taken a slight chance performing a run-of-the-mill upgrade in place of a clean install (recommended by the higher geeks). Me, I’m much too impatient […]


Comments Off on Exit to Smallville

Exit to Smallville

If you’re anything like me (and why for all that’s sacred wouldn’t you be) after going to the CNN Science & Space section this morning, you’re still wondering if the solar flare eruption from our solar system’s green sun will give you superhuman powers—perhaps the ability to fly or see through objects. One thing’s for […]


Comments Off on Symphony for the Devil: Comedy Central Live

Symphony for the Devil: Comedy Central Live

We treated ourselves to an evening of comedy last night, traveling to Baltimore’s Meyerhoff Symphony Hall for the Comedy Central Live Tour. I think it’s safe to say that it was a night that the Hall won’t soon forget. New comer Mike Birbiglia (aka ‘Cracka please!’) opened the show and was clearly the straightest of […]

culture, music

Comments Off on Streetcore Named Desire

Streetcore Named Desire


I was never a big fan of The Clash as a teenager, although Rock the Casbah filled me with as much semi-politico rock rebellion as any ten-year-old could muster during the early eighties. The video (known during that period of MTV as the one with the mohawked guys in the desert playing punk guitar to […]

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