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Posts from November 2003


Comments Off on Come Poop With Me

Come Poop With Me

Terry Gross’ Fresh Air interview with Triumph the Insult Comic is something to be listened to if only to hear the librarian-mannered hostess saying the phrase "Come Poop with Me" several times over. That’s the name of the foul-mouthed puppet dog’s new Vaudville-esque CD and DVD in which he apparently raps, sings, and does phony […]


Comments Off on Angel in the Wings

Angel in the Wings

Tony Kushner is regarded as one of the most humanistic and imaginative playwrights in American theatrer today. His decade-old play Angels in America will supposedly make the Reagan mini-series that CBS gutlessly yanked off the air look more like a TV homage worthy of the Reagan Legacy Project when it airs on HBO this December. […]


Comments Off on Script Runner

Script Runner

Wired online has a rather in-depth article detailing everything you ever wanted to know about Phillp K. Dick, the science fiction writer who wrote the brilliantly postmodern film Blade Runner among other mind-bending stories such as the ones adapted in Total Recall and The Minority Report — all decades before his work ever made it […]


Comments Off on Political Psyche Bites

Political Psyche Bites

This interview with Bill Clinton at The American Prospect not only reminded me that a president can communicate intelligently beyond a pre-written sound bite, it reveals an understanding of the liberal/conservative pyschology itself. MICHAEL TOMASKY: […] I’ve been reading lately some scholars who talk about conservatism and liberalism not only as ideologies but as psychological […]


Comments Off on Are You a Neocon?

Are You a Neocon?

Phew, for a minute I was worried I might be a neoconservative. This 10 question quiz tells me, though, that I fall under the classification of… (are you ready for this one?)… liberal. Shocker, I know. But it does bring up an interesting point.  Are neoconservatives self-describing neoconservatives or do they actually have to take […]

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