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Come Poop With Me

Terry Gross’ Fresh Air interview with Triumph the Insult Comic is something to be listened to if only to hear the librarian-mannered hostess saying the phrase "Come Poop with Me" several times over. That’s the name of the foul-mouthed puppet dog’s new Vaudville-esque CD and DVD in which he apparently raps, sings, and does phony […]


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Angel in the Wings

Tony Kushner is regarded as one of the most humanistic and imaginative playwrights in American theatrer today. His decade-old play Angels in America will supposedly make the Reagan mini-series that CBS gutlessly yanked off the air look more like a TV homage worthy of the Reagan Legacy Project when it airs on HBO this December. […]


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Script Runner

Wired online has a rather in-depth article detailing everything you ever wanted to know about Phillp K. Dick, the science fiction writer who wrote the brilliantly postmodern film Blade Runner among other mind-bending stories such as the ones adapted in Total Recall and The Minority Report — all decades before his work ever made it […]


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Political Psyche Bites

This interview with Bill Clinton at The American Prospect not only reminded me that a president can communicate intelligently beyond a pre-written sound bite, it reveals an understanding of the liberal/conservative pyschology itself. MICHAEL TOMASKY: […] I’ve been reading lately some scholars who talk about conservatism and liberalism not only as ideologies but as psychological […]


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Are You a Neocon?

Phew, for a minute I was worried I might be a neoconservative. This 10 question quiz tells me, though, that I fall under the classification of… (are you ready for this one?)… liberal. Shocker, I know. But it does bring up an interesting point.  Are neoconservatives self-describing neoconservatives or do they actually have to take […]

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