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Posts from December 2003


Comments Off on PowerPoint ‘Stops Making Sense’

PowerPoint ‘Stops Making Sense’

David Byrne is still one of rock’s pre-eminent artistic minds. With his book/DVD entitled Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information (or E.E.E.I for short), he loftily explores an unlikely artistic arena — that of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. But within this seemingly innocuous concept dwells enough cause to provoke actual dialogue and philosophical debate concerning things like […]


Comments Off on Dems Fightin’ Words

Dems Fightin’ Words

I just knew I saw General Wesley Clark cursing it up on TV this weekend. Doing his candidate rounds after a town hall meeting in New England, he gave a rather zealous response to an elderly veteran’s question. At the time, I thought he was talking in broad terms as a candidate against Bush, but […]


Comments Off on From the Mouths of Babes

From the Mouths of Babes

As noted elsewhere, Babes Against Bush has had enough of, well… Bush. But unlike other fantasy babes, like say, I dunno… Jessica Simpson, these babes actually have, like opinions on politics and, like… a learned ability to read and write. Really. Here’s a quote from one of their articles. It was as if the final […]


Comments Off on Big Fish

Big Fish


I had no expectations walking into the movie Big Fish because knew absolutley nothing about it, except for the fact that it was directed by Tim Burton and had been based on a book of the same name. Although indications of recurring Burton visual themes are definitely there, it almost stands out on a happy […]


Comments Off on Shell Script to the Rescue

Shell Script to the Rescue

This nicely written shell script from Patrick Gibson creates virtual host sites on Mac OS X (client) with so much ease, it cured my turrets syndrome induced cursing fit. If you’re developing more then one site and are not aftaid to enter the word “sudo” in the Terminal, it may make the job of setting […]

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