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Maybe it’s ’cause I’m livin’ it up more rural with the new house, or maybe it’s the revelation that country music is the new punk, but I just can’t seem to get enough steel guitars in my ears these days. Former Bauhaus bassist and co-inventor of Goth, David J elevates to unlikely new heights in […]

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Hairway to Steven

Johnny Rotten’s unlikely foray into reality television may be the bell stroke that sounds off the death of punk (and everything it stood for—or was that Green Day?), but former Led Zeppelin front man, Robert Plant—being the humble, articulate, and funny person that he is—seems well-content with his place in the world. In a recent […]


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Justice Finally Comes for Lenny Bruce

During a semi-intelligent rant concerning the FCC’s new fining policy on Howard Stern’s radio show the other morning, it was mentioned that Lenny Bruce was given a posthumous pardon. NYC Governer George Pataki vindicated the comic for what was known at the time as "word crimes." Too young to remember this bleak point in the […]


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Leveling Power With Linux

Sidenote: This closet Eagles fan was very, very sad today. 🙁 Well, if the plan to find IT jobs on Mars doesn’t pan out, I guess we’ll have to find it within ourselves to jumpstart the tech industry. Doug Chick over at OS Views ponders a hope in Linux. I believe, as do many others, […]

VT Testimonial

Virginia Tech has definitely got it going on when it comes to research. Not only do they sport a tricked-out G5 cluster, the third fastest supercomputer in the world (and a measly 5.1 mill’ at that), but I’ve been using one of their open source programs, VT Survey, to conduct research for my wife as […]

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