Final Thoughts on MacWorld (I Think)

As mentioned on MacSlash, El Gato software has just announced their first attempt at a media conduit device very similar to the one I had been hoping Apple would announce.

EyeHome allows you to access the digital content you have stored on your Mac – photos, music, video, movies – and enjoy it on your TV and home entertainment system.

Sounds like $250 well spent, if you ask me. Uh oh. There I go being one of those agitators again.

In fairness to what I think was actually a very good keynote, I failed to even mention GarageBand, which I think shows some real promise. It’s likely going to give both musicians and music appreciators alike a lot of incentive to go Mac. Though I’m somewhat put off to point this out, I have a feeling that the new music mixing application will appeal most successfully to the American Idol-watching generation.

Yeah, just what we need.