HulkHulk bad.

Nawh, this movie really does deserve a bit more than that.

Let me say that despite the fact that I was sick while watching the DVD, I really wanted to like Ang Lee’s interpretation of the Hulk. It seemed ambitious enough to start and in many ways it bravely went into unexpected places. Sadly, though, I think it took things a bit too far and fell off track at various points, which is a bummer when you think what it could have been.

For instance, we’re never really explained what makes the Hulk turn green and monstrous. We’re given a set of mysterious scenarios occurring from before Bruce Banner’s birth to his adult research as a scientist, but you’d need a degree in bio-engineering yourself to put it all together and make sense of it. To my surprise, though, I found within the bonus material an outtake that succinctly explains how the various events came to create the Hulk. Unexplainably, this 30-second scene was cut. Not that it would have made the movie a winner, but I certainly felt that it needed a bit more logic glue (not to mention comic relief) to hold it all together.

But again, I’m going to end on the happy footnote I seem to be reserving for all Marvel movie adaptations being made these days and I’ll say that Hulk 2 (if there is such a beast) may very well have gotten the most difficult parts out of the way.

Hopefully, the next film will move on to greener pastures.