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Posts from January 2004


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Professor Nagl’s War is a New York Times magazine article about Major John Nagl, a counter-insurgency expert who’s currently putting theory into practice in Iraq. He is like a paleontologist given the chance to go back in time and walk with the dinosaurs. But Nagl can’t simply stand around and take notes. He is responsible, […]


Comments Off on War College Gets Critical

War College Gets Critical

On the local tip, it looks like some scholarly folks at the Army War College in Carlisle have put together a critical account of Bush Jr.’s war in Iraq , labeling it "a strategic error" and "an unnecessary preventative war [which] diverted attention and resources away from securing the American homeland against further assault by […]


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Hulk bad. Nawh, this movie really does deserve a bit more than that. Let me say that despite the fact that I was sick while watching the DVD, I really wanted to like Ang Lee’s interpretation of the Hulk. It seemed ambitious enough to start and in many ways it bravely went into unexpected places. […]


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I get the feeling that Frida Kahlo would have liked the movie portraying her life, Frida, now available on DVD. Salma Hayek gives a memorable performance as the chronically pained, if not tragically disjointed, Mexican artist known to be married to the famed and irreparably womanizing Diego Rivera. Perhap not mentioned enough in the movie, […]


Comments Off on Final Thoughts on MacWorld (I Think)

Final Thoughts on MacWorld (I Think)

As mentioned on MacSlash, El Gato software has just announced their first attempt at a media conduit device very similar to the one I had been hoping Apple would announce. EyeHome allows you to access the digital content you have stored on your Mac – photos, music, video, movies – and enjoy it on your […]

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