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Grasping the Ocean

When Wil Wheaton speaks, people listen (and make lots and lots of comments). Personally, I don’t think the government should be involved in marriage in any way. I believe that marriage is between two people who love each other, who wish to make a commitment to stay together through good times and bad. I suppose […]


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Odd Duck

John Waters admits that he’s an “odd duck.” And despite my love of all things culture, I can’t say that I have too much of a fondness for any of his films. His interview with Terry Gross, though, was far more entertaining to me than anything he’s put out in the theaters. The interview illuminated […]


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Prodding an Industry

I just finished listening to NPR’s Driveway Moments CD, a collection of stories that apparently had many people riveted to their vehicle’s seats when they first aired. Without a doubt, the standout story had to do with Temple Grandin, a modern day pioneer and activist of sorts. Killing With Kindness documents her successful career in […]

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The Score – Revisited


Blame it on the new iPod which has me importing a relatively sizable CD collection and visiting old music with fresh ears all over again. It’s further proof to me that Apple’s niche is lifestyle, not really computers per se, but that’s another discussion entirely. In my hearkening back to music’s yesteryear, one album that […]


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As a successor to pMachine, ExpressionEngine looks to take publishing systems where no publishing system has gone before—minus the Star Trek music, of course. ExpressionEngine was designed with one overriding goal: Modularity. Almost every system in ExpressionEngine is designed as an add-on module, which will enable it to serve virtually any conceivable purpose just by […]

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