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Posts from March 2004


Comments Off on Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

My wife and I had the privilege tonight of celebrating an anniversary dinner with my mother and her husband. The two have been married for ten years. I’m truly floored when I think about their relationship, and in turn, to the power of what love can do — how it can change people. There was […]


Ben Shahn A Score of White Pigeons 1960 Moderna Museet, Stockholm


Comments Off on G4 MDD Superdrive Mod

G4 MDD Superdrive Mod

Well, if there’s anything to be learned from adding a Pioneer 107 (Superdrive) DVD Burner to my mirror drive door G4, it’s that I should pay more attention to the advice of others. Numerous people on this site reported it necessary to remove the tray’s front lip (the part with the DVD logo on it) […]


Comments Off on Quizos Commercials Explained

Quizos Commercials Explained

A quick look at my stats this month shows that an unexpected number of people happened upon this site looking for an explanation to the surreal Quizos commercials I spoke about some time ago. While I certainly can’t give a proper explanation, a friend of mine recently sent me this article, which at least puts […]


Comments Off on Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch


Starsky and Hutch is not the most original movie ever to come out come out of Hollywood. Let’s just face a simple fact, though. Tinsletown is dried up at the idea farm and rerunning popular TV shows with an impunity that would probably make B.A. Baracus take notice. All the same, this movie might still […]

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