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Posts from April 2004

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Comments Off on Bowie Mash-Up: Looking for Water and Controversy

Bowie Mash-Up: Looking for Water and Controversy

These savvy fellas make such a big stink about David Bowie’s Mash-Up contest, you’d think there was a legitimate concern that it’s somehow unethical. But let’s take a step back, drop the latitude (present company included), and look at what’s really going on. First, a bit of history for the people who may not be […]


Comments Off on Air America Radio

Air America Radio

Having listened long enough, I can finally come to a conclusion about Air America. The short opinion is that it’s not too bad, if not slightly addictive. While I have yet to hear certain shows in their entirety, like The Majority Report and Morning Sedition, there are shows I have been paying closer attention to […]


Comments Off on Tell It To The Shrapnel In My Ass

Tell It To The Shrapnel In My Ass

I find it bizarre that President Bush, or should I say some silly scallywags fighting on his behalf, can find any kind of fault with John Kerry’s behavior before, after, or during Vietnam. Bush has records supporting the fact that he’s spent at least a few days on an Air National Guard base getting some […]


Comments Off on Cows on Parade

Cows on Parade

If you live in the Harrisburg area and haven’t been out to downtown Harrisburg, Carlisle, or Camp Hill to see the cow parade, you really should mosey on over before their done grazing. This weekend, in particular, proved to be a perfect blend of weather, people, and natural curiousity. Personally, I liked the painted realism […]


Comments Off on The Real Survivors

The Real Survivors

I haven’t been watching Survivor this season, but I did catch it this evening. (Reality TV is one of my unfortunate guilty pleasures, along with Halo.) The reward for this particular episode had to do with the contestants viewing a short video-taped message from some family members. Having been stranded on an island for a […]

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