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Posts from June 2004


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With the exception of a few widdled pieces of wood commanding higher prices then any rational consumer market should allow, The Antiques Roadshow seldom has the power to blow my mind. That is, until I saw the work of Andrew Clemens yesterday. This 19th Century Iowan, who became deaf at the age of five, created […]


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In The Summertime

Just a small musical observation. After listening to David Dye‘s Drive at Five featuring songs about “summer” on the way home from work today, it occurred to me that the annual favorite In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry sounds remarkably like the early blues cantations of Marc Bolan and T. Rex. Indeed, just add a […]


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Allying the Creative Class

Well, there you have it. Apple has officially recognized the “creative class” in an advertisement. I say that with some satisfaction since it’s a point I’ve been talking about for some time (despite the rejection from MacSlash concerning the topic as a post). The timing for the corporate recognition of this concept could not come […]


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More Music Please

I’m shamelessly repeating a more in-depth article from the July issue of MacHome magazine, but it is worth re-listing these music download sites as alternatives to the iTunes Music Store. eMusic Audio Lunchbox Opera Italiana Music Bliss eClassical Beatport Trax2burn SoundClick Music Magnatune And for those brave enough to swim in the gray […]