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Kerry/Edwards Coming to Harrisburg!

Big announcement: John Kerry and John Edwards to visit Harrisburg!

That’s right! Here’s your chance to stand up and be counted. Come to Harrisburg Friday the 30th to see the next President of the United States.


FREE TICKETS now available at

*** The following was sent to me in an email. ***

The rally will take place at the Capitol at 7:00pm, but you will need to be there early (4:30-5pm to allow time for security and to navigate the streets which will be shut down as the hour approaches).

Tickets will be required for this event (at no
charge!). Please contact to obtain tickets. Please include your name, email address and number of tickets that you would like. You will need to be pick up the tickets at State Party Headquarters at 510 N. 3rd Street in downtown Harrisburg. There may be other locations in the area where tickets can be picked up. An email will be sent later this week with information on these additional locations and when the tickets will be available.


3 August 2004 @ 3am

I hate to even think like this. But don’t you think it’s suspicious that immediately after Kerry gets a lead in the polls that Tom Ridge is out there scaring the money belts off of Wall Street?

I’m sure I’ll get called a conspiracy guy for connecting the dots like that, so i’ll refrain from doing so. But it does go to show how utterly important credibility plays in the realm of good goverance.

I think everyday people are starting to trust Kerry, and will continue to do so, despite whatever the Republicans come up with in the weeks until their convention.

3 August 2004 @ 2am

Hey guys,

Just wanted to tell ya that brand new Washington Post poll results, if you haven’t seen them already, regarding post-Democratic Convention political attitudes have Kerry ahead by ~10 points: It’s a small but promising step, I think.

21 July 2004 @ 3pm

Do you have any more info on this? How to get tickets? Or can anyone go? I’m interested in going and I live here in Harrisburg so it would be awesome.

28 July 2004 @ 12pm

Correction: you do need tickets! See above for details.

28 July 2004 @ 12pm

I can’t believe they just changed this. My friend and I are going. He belongs to one of the Kerry meet-ups and will be taking signs, buttons, and other things… and I’ll be helping him.

On a side note, I will be attending a Democratic House Party tomorrow night here on 2nd street. I won’t know anyone but I figure it’ll be a good way to meet people and get involved with this thing colled politics.

22 July 2004 @ 2am

I think pretty much anyone can go, but as the scheduling indicates, 5:00 is the time you should be there to pass through security. 7:00 is the time they start speaking.

If you do come, bring some friends! Hope to see you there on the 30th!!