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Posts from August 2004


Comments Off on RNC Rhetorical Predictions

RNC Rhetorical Predictions

Words I would be surprised to hear at the GOP convention: Stem cell research Halliburton Supreme Law of the Land Deficit Offshoring 3 Purple hearts Slam Dunk Occupation Torture Osama Bin Laden Words I would not be surprised to hear: Safer, Terrorists, Safer, Terrorists, Safer, Terrorists Evil Saddam Hussein Brutal dictator September the 11th Libya […]

Model Behavior

An old acquaintance of mine, Jacob Hornberger, hits it on the head in his latest blog entry over at FFF. There is a valuable lesson to be learned in the Bush-Kerry battle over their respective roles during the Vietnam War. When our esteemed members of Congress reinstitute the draft in order to gain the manpower […]

Real Desperate

This morning I heard about Real Networks new pricing scheme designed to grab some of the iTunes Music Store’s market share. “Really, 49 cents?,” I thought. I immediately began to think about how the iTMS is supposed to be a “loss leader” designed to sell iPods, not music. The cut Apple gets from each of […]


Comments Off on Daring Parlay

Daring Parlay

This much I know. Dan Gruber (of Daring Fireball fame) knows his shit. It’s mostly talk of Apple this and Apple that, but why should I credit him with any more brilliance. His recent lengthy article (and not just in title alone) The Art of the Parlay, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About […]


Comments Off on Rally ‘Round the Flag

Rally ‘Round the Flag

And a Pocket Full of Camera Phones Please don’t allow the lack of updates here to be any indication that last week’s rally for John Kerry was anything but a phenomenal success. Indeed, it was. And I have the pictures here to prove it. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is the […]