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Posts from September 2004


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Ugh. You know, when the only thing good about being sick is the fact that your wife and a couple of coworkers are all sick too (empathy sickness), you know flu season isn’t getting off to a good start. I’m going to keep score this year. So far, virus 4. White blood cells 0. Anyway, […]


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Out of Touch/Out of Time

With about five weeks to go, it looks like this election will rest squarely on the shoulders of Iraq—as unlikely a place as ever to decide an American election, but war, as it seems, has its own political momentum. The unrepentent Bush speaking to the UN this week acted as if he were still trying […]


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Kerry on Iraq

By now you’ve seen the sound bites. But as everyone knows, sound bites suck. So, here’s the full text of John Kerry’s position on Iraq. This election is about choices. The most important choices a president makes are about protecting America at home and around the world. A president’s first obligation is to make America […]

culture, music

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I had been waiting for John Cale’s latest album, HoboSapiens with a lot of anticipation. Being an election year, I thought for sure he’d try to re-create some of his edgier political pop-rock. That may have first lead to some mixed feelings on my part, but I’m happy to report that this album is, in […]


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There are some images of 9/11 I’ve only allowed myself to view once. Andy Warhol said that an image inevitably loses its effect after it’s repeated so many times. That may seem like an odd statement coming from an artist who made repetition such a large part of his reportoire—but that was Andy. I guess […]

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