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Posts from November 2004


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Dog Story

This dog walked into my neighbors house one day while she was getting some appliances delivered. To say the dog had fallen into neglect would be a gross understatement. It lumbered around with a limp, and long, knotted, burr-filled fur that felt to me in spots as if it were some kind of tumor. Obviously, […]

Skinning the Issues

So this is the country we now live in. Tonight I watched sports commentators talk in serious tones for twenty odd minutes about the issue of accountability as it related to the Monday Night Football skit featuring the Eagle’s Terell Owens. They were curious to know “whose head will roll” because a bunch men aimed […]

Panic Catharsis

Back in the day when MP3 players were still all the rage (and a dime a dozen), I had a special place in my heart for Panic’s Audion. The endless supply of skinnable faces it sprouted off were footbal lengths better than any of the skins available on WinAmp or SoundJam, BlackHot&Blue being my personal […]

Fear Loves This Place

And Happy Veteran’s Day You know the sanity barometer’s gone askew when television stations refuse to play Saving Private Ryan on Veteran’s Day for fear of retaliation from the FCC. Yes, this is the same Federal government the red voting aliens must believe is protecting them from the shock of seeing Janet Jackson’s nipple ring. […]

Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

With all of the recent TV documentaries about the good, evil, and still more evil that is Wal-Mart going around, nothing beats this episode of South Park. It’s a straight-on hilarious, if not thought provoking, commentary about the herd mentality. Despite being a lengthy eight seasons into the show, creators Trey and Matt are at […]

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